Elementary School Track 

 ※ 500 ~ 700 words for essay contest and 3 minutes for speech contest 

     # Speech Contest

Goal: SDGs Goal 1 – No Poverty

The decline of global extreme poverty continues but has slowed. The deceleration indicates that the world is not on track to achieve the target of less than 3 percent of the world living in extreme poverty by 2030. People who continue to live in extreme poverty face deep, entrenched deprivation often exacerbated by violent conflicts and vulnerability to disasters. Strong social protection systems and government spending on key services often help those left behind get back on their feet and escape poverty, but these services need to be brought to scale.

Topic: Poverty exists in many different forms other than absolute and relative poverty. What other forms of poverty do you know? Based on what you know on Goal 1, what other ways can the international community end all forms of poverty? How can you personally contribute to this goal?

     #Essay Contest

Goal: SDGs Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

Hunger is on the rise again globally and undernutrition continues to affect millions of children. Public investment in agriculture globally is declining, smallscale food producers and family farmers require much greater support and increased investment in infrastructure and technology for sustainable agriculture is urgently needed. 

Topic: Food waste and decreased food production have worsened the food shortage and global hunger crises. The 2030 Agenda calls for people to have a more responsible consumption pattern. What do you think people should do to reduce food waste? What do you think is a responsible consumption style?

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