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Goal: SDGs Goal 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Advances in ending violence, promoting the rule of law, strengthening institutions and increasing access to justice are uneven and continue to deprive millions of their security, rights and opportunities and undermine the delivery of public services and broader economic development. Attacks on civil society are also holding back development progress. Renewed efforts are essential to move towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16. 

Topics: Terrors continue to seize people with fear, with hundreds killed recently in the Sri Lanka Easter bombings and New Zealand Christchurch Mosque shootings. Goal 16 is “dedicated to the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies” and “building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.” How can this goal be fulfilled along with what is happening? Do you believe that world peace can be accomplished? If so, how? If not, what alternative can you suggest?

     #Essay Contest

UN Secretary-General António Guterres 

at the opening of the Climate Action Summit( September 2019)


Goal: SDGs Goal 13 – Climate Action
With rising greenhouse gas emissions, climate change is occurring at rates much faster than anticipated and its effects are clearly felt worldwide. While there are positive steps in terms of the climate finance flows and the development of nationally determined contributions, far more ambitious plans and accelerated action are needed on mitigation and adaptation. Access to finance and strengthened capacities need to be scaled up at a much faster rate, particularly for least developed countries and small island developing States. 

Topics: Every year, more and more people have been displaced because of climate and environmental causes, and are being called climate refugees or environmental refugees. Tuvalu and Maldives islands are sinking due to rising sea levels and Mongolia is suffering from extreme drought. Ironically, developed countries, the most responsible for climate change and environmental disasters, refuse to offer shelter for refugees. Political refugees could be provided with financial, medical, educational, and other forms of aid, but climate refugees are denied aid since they are not seen as persecuted. What are the side effects of increasing climate or environmental refugees? Write in detail what can we do to convince developed countries to aid them?

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