When copy and pasting from a word file, there may be errors resulting from the coding differences between browsers and Microsoft Word files. So we recommend typing the essay directly into the program or using the Notepad application.

If you already wrote the essay on the Microsoft Word application, copy and paste it on the Notepad application, and then onto the website.


Participants of the Speech Contest must upload an audio file and type their script. The audio file must be an MP3 or WMA file, and it may be recorded using a phone or any other recordable electronic device.

Depending on the device, the audio file may not be saved as an MP3 or WMA file. If this is the case, download a converter application and change the format of the audio file into an MP3 or WMA file.


All participants will have to upload an ID photo without exception. This is because Elementary and Junior High Schools students grow quickly and their appearances change as well. 


Individual participants can apply online through the www.gleader.vn website.

Group Registration can also be made by education institutions, such as schools and academies, as long as they have an adviser.

Participants will need to sign up in order to apply for the Preliminary and Final Rounds.

The registration is complete only when the participation fee has been paid.


The participation fee is $20 for the Preliminary Round and $30 for the Final Round.

The participation fee is the same for speech and essay contests, but participants who want to apply to both will have to pay for both.


Students from Grade 4 to University students (including graduate school) are eligible for GLEC Vietnam by track.

- Elementary Track: Grade 4 - 5

- Junior High Track: Grade 6 - 9

- High School Track: Grade 10 - 12

- University Track: Undergraduate and Graduate Students (No age limit as long as they are students)

Homeschoolers and high school graduates planning on attending university are also all eligible to apply as well.

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