Preliminary RoundFor applicants who have made a payment

14 Jan 2020

[1] GLEC Vietnam 2020 TIMELINE (




Online Preliminary Round

Dec. 25, 2019 ~ Jan. 31, 2020 

Online-based at

Announcement of Successful Applicants

Feb. 7, 2020

Registration (Payment) for Final Round

Feb. 7 ~ Feb. 14, 2020

Print-out Admission Tickets

Feb. 18 ~ Feb 22, 2020

Final Round 

Feb. 22 ~ Feb. 23, 2020

Hanoi: ThangLong University
Ho Chi Minh: Ton Duc Thang University

Announcement of Final Winners

Mar. 20, 2020

Award Ceremony

Early ~ Mid Apr. 2020

Ton Duc Thang University

[2] ★Next Step★ To-Do List for Online Preliminary Round by January 25, 2020

Individual Registration

     1. Check the Topics for your track and submit the Application Form.
          (read the guidelines carefully at before your submission)

     2. After submitting the application form, please check your own e-mail inbox.
          Make sure to thoroughly check and screen what you have submitted from the confirmation email.
          If you want to make changes, please resubmit the form from the beginning.

     3. The successful applicant for the Final Round will be announced on February 7 through

[3] Preliminary Round – Application Registration Steps


Details (Read Carefully)

Step 1

     Go to the Registration site:

Step 2

     Choose the contest section you paid for.

Step 3

     Fill out and submit the Registration Form (A 13 digit Order Number can be found at the Payment Receipt)

     - Speech Documents: Application Form, Photo ID, Speech Record File, and Speech Script

     - Essay Documents: Application Form, Photo ID, and Essay

     - Speech and Essay Documents: Application Form, Photo ID, Speech Record File, Speech Script, and Essay

Step 4

     After submitting the registration form, please check the confirmation of submission through your e-mail.
     In order to make a change, please resubmit the application form from the beginning.

[4] Application File Details

Sample Speeches and Essays from previous GLECs may be seen in the link here.



Both Speech & Essay


     - All applicants must submit an ID photo which clearly shows their face (ex. Passport photo)

     - If you don't have a scanned ID picture, you may take a clear photo of yourself using cellphones
          (white background recommended)

     - ID Photo should be taken within 6 months

     - Sample Photo


     Audio File

     - Do not go over the time limit.

     ▶ Elementary: 3 minutes

     ▶ Junior High: 4 minutes

     ▶ High School: 4 minutes

     ▶ University : 5 minutes

     - Applicants may record their voices using cellphones using recording Apps or laptops.

     - Submit in MP3 or WMA formats only


     - There is no word limit for a script as long as you keep the time limit

     - The voice recording file and the speech script file must have the exact same contents.



     - Do not go over the word limit.

     - All tracks: 500~700 words

     - Please clearly divide paragraphs using the ENTER Key

[5] Final Round

The Final Rounds will be held at both Hanoi (ThangLong University) and Ho Chi Minh (Ton Duc Thang University).

Final Round dates for participants may be on Feb. 22 or Feb. 23.
This information will be on the Admission Ticket which will be available for Final Round participants.

However, participants may not be able to attend the Final Round at their preferred city depending on the number of participants per city and dates.

For more details on GLEC, please carefully read guidelines and regulations on the FAQ menu (CLICK) on our website.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding any topic covered within this e-mail as well as any others.

Thank you for participating in GLEC Viet Nam!

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