Group Registration Information

30 Dec 2019

GLEC Viet Nam accepts Group Registration with a participant fee discount (10%) for a group of more than 5 participants.

An organization (ex. school, education institutions, academy) registered as a “Group” is eligible for winning the ‘Organization Award’. The criteria of the award given to an organization will be based on (1) the highest number and quality of the participants passing the Preliminary Round and (2) the number of winners from the Final Round.

1. Group Registration Benefits

- 10% discount on group registration fee

- Eligible for Organization Award, which is awarded to the group with a high number of students with good performance and with the highest number of awards

2. Group Registration Procedure

- Apply through GLEC Viet Nam website

- Go to Group Registration Page. Web Page (towards bottom of page.)

- Apply for Group Registration.

3. Group Registration 

- A group should be consisted of 5 or more students

- When the grade, name of the school (institution), or name of the club the students are involved in is different, it is possible to register separately.

- Each group should have a head representative who will receive notice from our office. The head representative may be the adviser of the group, the student leader of the group, etc.

4. Payment

- There is a 10% discount on the group registration fee.

- Group registration payment should be made to the following account.

- After making the payment, please send a copy of the receipt to

5. Venue

- Each group should mark in the application in which city it hopes to attend for the final round between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

- If there are students within a group who wish to take part in the Final Round in the other city from the rest of the group, please inform us in advance through email.

6. Inquiry for Group Registration

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